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These are just a few products available for your use. Details of the individual grades and their properties can be found in the product data sheets. If you cannot see a product that meets your needs please contact us.

Name CAS Description
Seatons Castor Oil8001-79-4Castor oil has excellent emollient properties and therefore has many uses in skin and lip care products, its main uses being in lip balms and protective cream formulations. Zinc and castor oil creams are traditional protective skin care products, which are still made today particularly for the baby care market. Castor oil can also be used in encapsulation and tablet coatings as well as eye drops. Other health care uses include as a carrier oil for actives in animal injections.
Seatons Linseed Oil8001-26-1Linseed oil is ideal for both animal and human nutrition. It is used as an emollient, anti-inflammatory and healing agent and softens dry skin when applied externally. It is well-known to create smooth, soft skin, as well as alleviate skin conditions due to a dietary lack of omega 3
Seatons Safflower Oil8001-23-8Safflower oil has a high linoleic acid content and contains sterols making it ideal for use in encapsulation. This oil also has excellent skin penetration properties and is used to replenish and moisturise in sun care and skin care formulations.