Seatons Alpine Apple Seed Oil

The crab-tree or wild apple (Pyrus malus) is the wild West Asian ancestor of all of the 7,500 varieties of modern domesticated apples. Brought to Europe in ancient times, apples are now grown around the world. Seatons Alpine apple seed oil is derived from apples grown in well-established orchards in the foothills of the Italian Alps. The harsh winters and Mediterranean summers result in a delicious and refreshing fruit. Alpine apple seed oil is produced by crushing the seeds of ripe Alpine apples, which are then refined, bleached and deodorised to give a clear pale yellow oil.

Alpine apple seed oil is a good source of both oleic (32-42%) and linoleic (45-60%) fatty acids making it highly moisturising, nourishing and an excellent choice for use in a wide variety of daily skin care preparations. These formulations include hand, face and body lotions, lip balms and soaps. Alpine apple seed oil is also well suited to shampoos and conditioners where it helps to add moisture and shine.

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