A range of over 50 speciality oils and waxes selected for the properties they can offer to personal care formulations.

A wide variety of high quality natural oils for use in coatings and polymers applications. 

An extensive range of high quality vegetable oils for use in a variety of markets plus a range of hot-dip strippable plastic coatings.

Prickly Pear Cactus home

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Seatons prickly pear seed oil (cactus seed oil) is an exciting oil for skin and hair care formulations.

Sensory guide 2 home

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Seatons natural oils and butters have a wide range of sensory and physical properties which are highlighted in this recently updated guide.



A  range of oxidised hydrocarbons and their derivatives primarily used in rust preventive formulations 


Seatons flax seed oil

Premium feed supplement for horses

Seatons Health Care Guide

Purity Quality Certainty

A guide to Seatons Natural Health Care Oils