Men care the natural way

Seatons launches a new guide to natural oils, butters and waxes for men care

The niche area of male grooming is continuing its steady march forward in volume as men become more adventurous with their daily beauty routines. The growth in the number of different product ranges, and the diversity of the products available, show no signs of slowing down. Men care now covers a wide range of products including specifically targeted skin care, hair care, pre and post shaving products, eye and lip care.

Natural oils, butters and waxes play a key role in the men care area. This is because male consumers are equally as likely as their female counter parts to favour products with natural ingredients, as long as their performance remains comparable to synthetic ingredients.

With nearly 175 years of experience in natural oils for all aspects of life Seatons are recognised worldwide for high purity and quality natural oils. Seatons men care guide gives the formulator an easy to follow insight into which oils, butters or waxes are best suited to each male grooming application.

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