Cheer for chia!

Seatons, the natural oil subsidiary of Croda International Plc, has launched Seatons chia seed oil, the new super food for the skin.

Originally the super food of the Aztecs, this amazing cold pressed oil from Seatons is a super food for the skin too. This 100% natural seed oil, produced by cold pressing chia seeds, contains high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins.

Research carried out at The Korea University of Medicine (Department of Dermatology) shows that topical use of chia seed oil over an eight week period significantly improved skin hydration, alleviated itchy skin and helped to maintain skin barrier function. That certainly deserves a cheer for chia!

Seatons chia seed oil leaves a light, silky soft feeling on the skin, making it an excellent addition to a wide range of formulation types for hand, face and body care, massage oils and lip balms. Especially suited to formulations for dry, mature and sensitive skins.

Samples, literature and formulations are available via the Seatons team or Croda sales offices.