Seatons Citrus Seed Oils – together for the first time!

Seatons Lemon Seed Oil (INCI name – Citrus medica limonum (Latin name))
Seatons Lime Seed Oil (INCI name – Citrus aurantifolia (Latin name))
Seatons Grapefruit Seed Oil (INCI name – Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Seed Oil)

Seatons, the vegetable oil specialists from Croda International Plc, has brought together a comprehensive range of Citrus Seed Oils, a refreshing addition to their range of emollient products for the personal care market.

Nothing says freshness like the zestful appearance, taste and aroma of citrus fruits. Seatons range of citrus fruit oils are carefully derived from the seeds of Mediterranean limes, Ligurian lemons and Cypriot grapefruits. These natural products bring connotations of the parent fruit. Lemons evoke astringency as do limes but with just a hint of sweetness, whilst full and ripe grapefruits are loaded with refreshing juice.

The oils themselves used alone or in combination show good emollience and are readily incorporated into skincare products.

The range will be officially launched at the autumn exhibitions.