New Pomegranate Seed Oil from Seatons

“If I could turn back time………”

Turn back time with Seatons Pomegranate Seed Oil (latin name – Punica Granatum), a novel new fruit oil for skin cosmetics.

Pomegranates originate from ancient Persia where the heavily seeded fruit was seen as a symbol of wealth, hope and abundance.

The pink-orange pomegranate fruit is 7-12cm in size and beneath the thick protective skin can be found the edible seeds and flesh. Up to 800 seeds can be found in a single fruit and these can be collected and unlocked to yield a novel vegetable oil for use in fighting signs of ageing in skin.

The Pomegranate is one of only a handful of plants to contain the lipid, punicic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid. This fatty acid’s natural conjugation is getting researchers in the fields of oestrogen replacement and cancer research excited. Oestrogen replacement is a key weapon in maintaining skin elasticity and fighting fine lines in mature and aged skin.

In cosmetic formulations the anti-inflammatory properties of punicic acid may also have applications in skin calming formulations.

The oil is rich in the flavonoids and other polyphenol anti-oxidants so vital to health and well being.