A range of over 70 speciality oils and waxes selected for the properties they can offer to personal care formulations.

A wide variety of high quality vegetable oils and waxes which comply with standard pharmaceutical monographs.

An extensive range of high quality vegetable oils for use in industrial applications. Additional product ranges include oxidised hydrocarbons and hot-dip strippable plastic coatings.

Cheer for Chia - home

Cheer for chia!

Seatons chia seed oil is an exciting new oil for skin and hair care formulations.

Men care - towel, home

Natural oils for men care

Natural oils, butters and essential oils reccomended for male grooming formulations.


Seatons flaxseed oil

Premium feed supplement for horses

Seatons Health Care Guide

Purity Quality Certainty

A guide to Seatons Natural Health Care Oils and Waxes



A range of oxidised hydrocarbons and their derivatives primarily used in rust preventive formulations



A range of hot-dip strippable plastic coatings to provide long term protection to metal components