Seatons Natural Oils for use in mould release agents

Concrete mould release agents
Safety, health and environmental concerns over the use of mineral oils in concrete mould release agents (MRA) have led formulators to look at vegetable oils. We recommend Seatons emulsifiable rapeseed oil as a possible replacements that offers the following benefits over traditional MRAs:

  • Elimination of health risks associated with petrochemicals eg respiratory problems, dermatitis, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly – solvent free and biodegradable
  • Moulds can be cleaned with water
  • Can be used with most types of mould, including plastic, without attacking the mould
  • Minimisation of fire risk (very high flash point >230 deg C) by eliminating solvent

Seatons emulsifiable rapeseed oil
This product is a water emulsifiable rapeseed oil that is offered as a base for formulators to use in the development of MRA systems. It is made by chemically modifying rapeseed oil, with the resultant product retaining all the properties of the natural oil with the added benefit that it is emulsifiable with water.

Glass mould release agents
Natural vegetable oils can be used as mould release agents in the production of blown glass products. Suitable products are:

Polymerised linseed oil (linseed stand oil)
This product is pale in colour and has a low acidity. It is manufactured to viscosity specifications ranging from 4 poise to 800 poise @ 25ºC. High viscosity grades can be used as the binder in cork coated mould linings where the mould is coated in the oil, then dipped into cork powder and baked prior to the glass being introduced.

Tuna oils