Seatons products for use in home care

Seatons Natural Oils and waxes are valuable raw materials for home care products. The home care market encompasses many different areas including car, floor, footwear, and furniture polishes, home and laundry cleaning products.

Seatons natural waxes
Croda supply a range of natural waxes which can be used in car, floor, footwear and furniture care formulations. Rice bran waxbeeswax and carnauba wax are all natural thickeners and binding agents, which add a gloss finish to the surface that the product is used on.

Seatons natural oils
Seatons Natural Oils can be used in fabric conditioners as natural softening agents. Seatons jojoba oil and Seatons argan oil can be added to fabric conditioners to give extra natural softness to clothes while looking after sensitive skins.

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