Artist Paints

Croda can provide a wide range of vegetable oil based materials to enhance and bring claims to your artists paints. These materials are naturally derived with excellent film forming, and non yellowing properties.

Benefits of Seatons refined oils

Refined oils available include sunflowersafflowerlinseed and poppy seed oil
Different drying times, linseed being the fastest
Safflower oil remains whitest on drying for brighter paler pigments
Natural connotations
Excellent film forming properties
Differences in the sheen of the paint
The oils can be used as dispersants or thinning agents for a wide range of artists paints

 Seatons water emulsifiable oils (based on linseed oilsunflower oilsafflower oillinseed stand oil)

This range of emulsifiable oils act as binders in acrylic paints. This means that the paint
has characteristic properties of an oil paint but the brushes can be cleaned using water
Oils available in the range include linseed, safflower, sunflower and linseed stand oil.
Water emulsifiable oils reduce the consistency and improve the flow of oil paints. They also increase gloss and transparency

Processed oils

Linseed stand oils create gloss and transparency in oil paints and can also be used as dispersants or thinning agents
Once thinned the linseed stand oil improves flow and levelling of the paint. It is excellent for glazing and producing fine detail as it smoothes brushwork
Oxidised linseed oils create body and decrease drying times within oil and acrylic paints


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