Blown castor oil for use as a plasticiser

Castor oil is a non-drying oil obtained from the seeds of Ricinus communis, a plant which is cultivated in several tropical areas of the world, notably India, Brazil and China. The oil has unique chemical and physical properties due to the high percentage of ricinoleic acid present. This fatty acid has an hydroxyl group on the 12th carbon atom, and is present in the oil at approximately 87%.

Castor oil can be oxidised. Oxidised oils are also known as blown oils and consist of triglyceride molecules joined together with oxygen linkages to form oxidised polymers. They are manufactured under thermally controlled conditions in the presence of air to give products with increased viscosities, specific gravities and reactivities.

Range available
Seatons Blown Castor Oil is available in the following standard viscosity grades (all measured at 25°C):

  • 30 poise
  • 50 poise
  • Other viscosities can be supplied subject to minimum order quantities of 2 mt

Seatons Blown Castor Oil is a non-drying oil that can be used as a plasticiser in paint, printing ink, varnish, sealant and mastic formulations. It is a possible replacement for phthalates. The most popular grade for this application is the 30 poise grade.

Typical properties of Seatons Blown Castor Oil 30 poise
Viscosity @ 25°C 27-33 poise
Acid value 11-15
Colour Gardner 5-7
Iodine value 60-75
Saponification value 205-225
Specific gravity @ 15.5°C 0.990-1.000

Regulatory information
CAS No 68187-84-8
EINECS No 269-128-4
REACH Regsitered

Specifications and MSDS available on request.

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