Seatons Natural Oils for use as wood treatments

Treating wood with linseed oil replaces the natural oils in the wood, which can be lost due to weathering.  It also offers protection for the wood and can be used on untreated wood as a primer.  Wood can be treated with a variety of linseed based vegetable oils.

Raw linseed oil
This natural unprocessed oil can be used as a simple but effective wood treatment. The oil is absorbed by the wood and then dries to seal, waterproof and protect.

Boiled linseed oil
Boiled linseed oil is low in viscosity and available in pale or dark colours.  It contains metallic siccatives that improve drying times by catalysing the oxidation process. Boiled linseed oil may be used directly on wood but it is recommended that the oil is diluted by up to 50% with white spirit or turpentine and then applied in two or three coats with a brush or cloth.

Tuna oils