Seatons Speciality Natural Oils for use in paints & varnishes

This page highlights a selection of speciality products that Croda supplies to the surface coatings industry for use in paint and varnish formulations. Information on our more traditional natural oil products can be found on a seperate page.

Dehydrated castor oil
This quick drying product can also be supplied as a polymerised grade. Paints and varnishes that incorporate dehydrated castor oil have films that have excellent outdoor exposure, flow, gloss and gloss retention. They also possess outstanding non-yellowing properties. Dehydrated castor oil varnishes (particularly when reacted with pure phenolic resins) show considerable acid and alkali resistance, making them ideal bases for paints applied to concrete or plaster. Dehydrated castor oil based media are also suitable for stoving applications where its rapid drying and non-yellowing characteristics are valued.

Oxidised castor oil (blown castor oil)
Oxidised castor oil, particularly 30 poise, can be used as a plasticiser in paints and may possibly replace phthalate esters.

Emulsifiable oils
Developed for use in artist paints, this range of emulsifiable oils includes several products based on drying and semi-drying oils. These products retain all the properties of the base oil with the added benefit that they easily emulsify in water. They can be incorporated into water based paint formulations or traditional oil based paint formulations, where the benefit of being water emulsifiable will be seen when cleaning applicators as they can be washed in water.

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