History of Seatons

John L Seaton & Co Ltd was established in 1840 by Mr John Love Seaton, one time Mayor of Kingston upon Hull. The company’s original business revolved around the production of colza oil, now known as rapeseed oil, as an illuminant.

The business grew in the thriving industrial heartland of Hull, developing a range of products that included the forebears of a number of our current products. Development continued as the company acquired and amalgamated with a number of similar businesses over the years, until its acquisition by Croda International in 1970.

Under the ownership of Croda International, Seatons continued to develop and meet the challenges of the increasingly stringent demands made upon modern commercial businesses.

Seatons manufacturing site closed in 2002 and the company relocated to Hessle, on the outskirts of Hull, in 2003. For the next decade the company operated as a trading organisation, meeting the needs of their worldwide customers by supplying a full range of vegetable oils and vegetable oil based products for specialist industrial, personal care and health care applications.

In June 2014, Seatons became fully incorporated into Croda Europe Ltd and it is from Croda's head office at Cowick Hall, Snaith that Seatons now continues as a brand of products including Natural Oils, Oxidised Hydrocarbon Waxes and Strippable Plastic Coatings.