Seatons green guide

Croda is at the forefront of offering vegetable oils to the cosmetics industry.Vegetable oils, by virtue of their natural origins and renewable nature, are considered to be “green” ingredients. Our product portfolio consists of organic oils, impurity-free oils and sustainable oils produced in
developing countries that benefit local communities.

Since launching a range of cosmetic vegetable oils in 2003, Croda has recognised the importance of offering organically certified oils.The trend is driven by concerns over green issues such as the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers on crops, genetic modification, chemicals used during processing, environmental impact and the use of artificial additives.

Seatons organic oils
The Seatons natural oils range include a number of oils which are certified as organic by the Soil Association or Ecocert. The standards used by each body differ slightly, but with regard to Seatons’ products they are derived from organically grown crops, that is, they are neither treated with pesticides nor synthetic fertilisers. After harvesting, the seeds, fruits or nuts are cold pressed to release oil without use of the solvents commonly used in commodity oils. No artificial additives such as preservatives, antifoams or biocides are added. The oils below are 100% natural.

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Impurity-free oils
Croda also offers a comprehensive range of non-organic oils that are produced to the highest standards of production technology and quality control. As with the organic range, no artificial additives are present.

Genetic modification
All of the Seatons Natural Oils range for the personal care sector is  free of GMOs*. Soyabean oil is an area of concern for formulators. To address these concerns, Croda can supply a GMO-free (identity preserved) grade of refined soyabean oil, with a full audit trail starting at the bean before planting, through growth, harvest, processing, transport and storage.

Local communities
Seatons shea nut butter originates in Ghana. Traditionally, local tribeswomen would gather the nuts and work them by hand in a laborious and back-breaking process. Our suppliers work with the Ghanaian Women’s Project to give an environmentally friendly, socially equal and therefore a sustainable model to supply Shea Butter. A locally run factory and infrastructure allows the local women more time to gather the nuts and hence earn more money without the pain. This additional financial support helps both the local communities and also other projects that are protecting some of the last remaining biodiversity rich areas of the West African savannah.

All of the Seatons Natural Oils range of personal care oils are derived from sustainable plant sources. 

Animal issues
Needless to say, no animals are harmed at any stage of processing and all the range is free of TSE (transmissible spongiform encephalopathy). None of the products have been subject to animal testing, either directly or indirectly.

In summary, we believe that Seatons Natural Oils  is not only a great range of natural personal care ingredients but also answers the concerns of the ethical formulator.

* - Seatons can supply standard GMO derived refined soyabean oil if required.

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