Seatons Organic Oils

Many of our natural oils are now available in organic grades. The oils have the same properties and characteristics as conventional oils with the added benefit of being grown and processed organically. Each oil is certified by one or more of the following certifying organisations:

The oils that we can currently offer in organic grades are listed below.

Seatons Organic Argan Oil
Seatons Organic Avocado Oil
Seatons Organic Castor Oil
Seatons Organic Chia Seed Oil
Seatons Organic Jojoba Oil
Seatons Organic Linseed Oil
Seatons Organic Pomegranate Oil
Seatons Organic Rosehip Oil
Seatons Organic Sesame Oil
Seatons Organic Shea Nut Butter
Seatons Organic Sunflower Oil
Seatons Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Please be aware that organic grades of vegetable oils are not always as readily available as the conventional grades are. As organic crops need specialised farming, the size of these crops tend to be small and therefore only a finite quantity of oil is available per crop year.  We therefore cannot guarantee that organic grades will be available throughout the year but we will always do our best to source your organic oil requirements.

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