The colour of the sample is compared to standard glass slides. 

The Gardner (1953) method employs a simple series of 18 colours (from No.1 - a pale yellow, to No.18 - a dark red). 

The Lovibond method employs a complex series of red, yellow, blue and neutral slides which are combined to give an exact match..


Method used Gardner - ASTM D1544 or Lovibond
Units For Gardner use the number of the closest matching slide.

For Lovibond use the numbers of the red, yellow, blue and neutral slides individually.

Significance of result
The colour of an oil has a direct bearing on the colour of the end product and is therefore of great importance to the customer.
Notes Cells of various path lengths are used depending on the depth of colour of the sample. The cell size used must be quoted. The larger the cell size, the darker the colour.
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