Oxidised hydrocarbon waxes

Oxidised hydrocarbon waxes are a source of chemical intermediates for the preparation of many industrial performance chemicals. Due to their chemical nature, oxidised waxes are more polar than simple fatty acids and have a greater film forming ability.

Produced by the controlled oxidation of selected hydrocarbon waxes, these materials are a complex mixture of organic acids, esters, hydroxy acids and lactones. They may be neutralised with amines and alkanolamines to form salts, esterified with alcohols or converted to their amide, imidazoline or oxazoline derivatives.

Features of oxidised hydrocarbon waxes

  • They undergo all reactions typical of natural fatty acids
  • They have high functionality
  • They are not subject to microbial degradation
  • They are chemically stable

Range available
Details of the range of oxidised hydrocarbon waxes available and their properties

Details of derivatives that can be produced from oxidised hydrocarbon waxes