Seatons products for use in crop care

The use of vegetable oils in the crop care industry is growing. Whilst their use as adjuvants is probably the best known, the oils themselves find applications varying from solvents, carriers and stickers to rainfastness additives. This page highlights some of our key products and their applications.

Refined oils

Refined vegetable oils are a biodegradeable, non-toxic, non-flammable alternative to mineral oils, with good compatibility with many agrochemical active ingredients. They can be used as a base solvent, not only as adjuvants, but also emulsifiable concentrates. Our range includes refined rapeseed, linseed, soyabean and sunflower oils, all of which have pale colours and have had free fatty acids and other impurities removed.

Emulsifiable oils

Seatons has developed a range of self-emulsifiable vegetable oils that can be emulsified with water to enable them to be sprayed with active ingredients in aqueous formulations. The range includes products which give emulsions varying from very stable (YS 870 series - several weeks) to fast breaking (Emoleo products - within hours).

Emulsifiable oils have also shown promising results when used in anti-drift, solvent and carrier applications. We have also developed two emulsifiable oils suitable for use as rainfastness additives, by applying surface coating technology to an crop care application. These are based on linseed oil and vary in their drying times.

Grades available include:

For rainfastness:

  • Emoleo L1, a self-emulsifiable linseed oil derivative that has been processed to give a product which oxidises when exposed to air, resulting in a thin protective film

Blown oils

Vegetable oils can be oxidatively polymerised (blown) to give a range of products with increased viscosities. The oxidation process also modifies properties such as specific gravity, solubility and reactivity, and therefore blown rapeseed, soyabean and linseed oils may have uses in crop care formulations and solutions.

Boiled oils

These products are based on linseed oil. They have improved drying properties and whilst their traditional use is in surface coatings, they may well have applications in the crop care industry.

Stand oils

Stand oils are thermally polymerised vegetable oils, manufactured to give a range of viscosities. Again, properties such as specific gravity, solubility and reactivity are modified and both linseed and soyabean stand oils could be utilised in crop care applications.

The above oils have already generated considerable interest amongst crop care formulators for possible incorporation into their products. Most of them can be supplied in an emulsifiable form, if required.

Tuna oils